About Me

AWS Cloud & DevOps Architect

Abhishek is a seasoned professional in the cloud and data domain, having spent over 18 years in the IT industry designing highly scalable and distributed systems for companies like Amdocs, Spark NZ, Yahoo, and Sapient.  Abhishek is an AWS APN Ambassador, a prominent leader who is passionate about sharing his AWS technical expertise.


Abhishek’s contributions to the AWS community through blog writing, presentations, and technical workshops demonstrate his expertise in cloud technologies. He brings his decade-long experience in designing, implementing, and managing complex modern and legacy systems exclusively on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to the table, enabling organizations to adopt optimal Cloud and DevOps patterns and cultural practices.


Abhishek is a skilled technical leader with solid leadership abilities. He has mentored and led cloud platform teams through successful cloud transformation projects.


You can reach Abhishek at abhishekvasisht@hotmail.com 

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